How I do backup RRS feed

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  • I received via email someone asking me how I do backup. I do a standard OS-level nightly backup to an external disk. Nothing special there. Though I also do MsMoney specific backup. I thought I share what I do on that front as food for thought. 

    First, a couple of guiding principles that I follow

    • Disk is cheap.
    • My time is valuable. If I need to recover I want to be able to do it quickly. My use case, I want to be quickly get to my *.mny file on a specific day such as 04/10/2015 as quickly as possible.

    Here is what I do

    • Ms Money backup setting: no compress (I don't want another "layer" to be involved here. More chance for something to go wrong (remember disk is cheap)). Keep last 60 copies (yes, again disk is cheap)
    • Using 'hleofxquotes', there is a tool (tab "Backup') that I can run daily to copies my backup files into a hierarchical directory structure in format YYYY/MM/DD (for example: 2018/01/30). The tool will take care of keep only ONE copy (the latest) per day. It will also generate a checksum MD5 which I can use to periodically verify that my copies are good.

    So the net result is that I will have a folder that look like this YYYY/MM/DD which allow me to get to my copy on  specific day quickly. So far, disk space has not been a problem but if it is, this folder structure will also allow me to easily trim the files such as keep only weekly for files older than N years ...

    Tuesday, January 15, 2019 10:50 PM