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  • I am busy porting a mobile application I have, from using SQL Merge Replication to using WSF & WCF.

    I have hit a problem and can't see to get the behaviour I want.


    1. I run the application as Team 1
    2. This filters the appointments table and returns team 1's appointments.
    3. Appointments are updated locally, i.e. done, not in etc..
    4. Data is updated using synchronize, all is well.
    5. Team is changed to Team 2, (Filter is now Team 2)
    6. Sync is performed, but local data still has appointment records for Team 1 and no appointment records for Team 2.

    Using SQL Merge Replication, all data for Team 1 would have been uploaded, the a new filter for Team 2 would have download a new set of data for Team 2.

    MSF must be able to handle this type of scenario, it's a basic need, like only downloading appointments for the day it is, when tomorrow come your stuffed.

    Can anyone please shed some light on this, is it me or the system??


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  • Hi Jason,

    Sync Framework database Providers supports only static filtering..once filter is defined, it cannot be changed later. Also,Update to filter vales are not support.. for e.g. if updating filter value makes row move out of filter, it is not treated as delete. One way to handle above scenario is to define one scope (unit of synchronization) per filter.

    Merge replication is intended for database administrators and is designed to synchronize SQL Server databases. Merge replication provides significant functionality with configuration available through wizards, stored procedures, and its own API. Sync Framework is intended for developers, and enables a developer to easily create views of data on the client that are based on a server database or another data source.

    Gayathri TK
    Wednesday, September 23, 2009 6:11 AM