Update Media Sharing, Wondering how to update manually the media streaming part RRS feed

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  • Hey all,

    How do I manually add/update the media streaming part of WHS? Example, say I drop a Diggnation podcast MP4 into WHS... then it takes forever (several minutes) to show up on a DLNA client like my PS3, 360 or my XBMC machine(s)?!?!  I tried fully closing down XBMC and re-opening..and also re-adding the UPnP source in XBMC, still no go.

    I'm running WHS in a VMWare VM, all updates applied, PP2 etc. I tried dropping the MP4 in a few different ways, I then also would use Windows Search to re-index it, still no go on showing up. Then wait a long @$$ time, and it shows up.

    I use FUPPES (windows/linux UPnP server) on WinXP x64 and its constantly crashing for me so WHS seems like a good option. FUPPES has a "rebuild AND update database option."  Hoping WHS has one similar.  Also, FreeNAS was awesome, couldn't get a good solid DLNA working 100%. I haven't tried PV Connect, or PS3 Media Server, was hoping MS's solution would be adequate.

    I know everything is controlled by IIS, would the command "iisreset" do the trick?  Windows Search??
    Tuesday, April 7, 2009 5:23 AM