Why Is It That Microsoft XP Deletes Your Only Source Of Sound? RRS feed

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    Apparently, something happened to my computer to have it automatically delete the sound device that I had on my computer. It was working fine a couple days ago, and now it puts out no sound, at all. And if it does, I sure as hell can't hear it past the screams of agony in my head. Every time I attempt to play some sort of music file, or game, the computer keeps telling me that I do not have a sound driver installed and that I need to replace it. As I'm sure that this is growing to be a trend, (or so it seems) I believe that Microsoft should be doing everything they can to correct these problems on all these computers. If you have enough chimpanzees typing on typewriters, they'll eventually bang out the works of Shakespeare. If we have enough people working on this problem at Microsoft, they might, (in about 30 years) figure out what the hell the problem is with the systems that they create.
    Friday, February 8, 2008 6:55 PM