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  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm stuck with this issue in CRM 2013. On-Save Event I'm using the following code for Validation before Lead Qualification. I've also checked to pass execution parameter during the function call On-Save Event.

    function FrmOnSave(prmContext)
        // Local variable to store value indicating how the save event was initiated by the user.
        var wod_SaveMode, wod_SaveEventVal;
        // Change the Save Event Value as per required Save Event
        wod_SaveEventVal = 16;

        if (prmContext != null && prmContext.getEventArgs() != null)

            wod_SaveMode = prmContext.getEventArgs().getSaveMode();

            if (wod_SaveMode == wod_SaveEventVal)
             // Write your validation code here
             if(Xrm.Page.getAttribute("industrycode").getValue() == 1)
                // Use the code line below only if validation is failed then abort function save event

               alert("Choose Appropriate Industry Code");

                //var x = prmContext.getEventArgs().isDefaultPrevented();


    This is working fine on CRM 2011, But on CRM 2013 it's showing variant results. Like:

    1> If I open a lead record and directly click on Qualify button then it Qualifies the Lead without any validation (preventDefault() doesn't seems to work). 

    2> If I open a Lead form, change any random field value and then click on the Qualify button, it works fine again. 

    Please help to figure out the issue, Am I missing anything here ?

    Thanks, Ashwani

    Monday, March 31, 2014 6:40 PM

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