Showing only Activities distributed from a Campaign Activity RRS feed

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  • Hello everyone

    I need to create a view that lists activities which were distributed from a campaign activity.

    I already know the answer: filter the view to check if the distributed activities' Regarding field is a Campaign Activity.

    This view works fine with an administrator account or the account which manages the campaign.

    But what if the intended audience of the view were the end-users, located in the bottommost BU, which don't have access to the campaign activity referenced in the filter? The view returns zero records.

    Of course I can't tweak their security rights because campaign activities don't have an entry in the security table (they are an activity subtype - bad design decision).

    So I have tried sharing the campaign activity to the end-users, but then they see ALL distributed activites, even those owned by someone else (as long as they were distributed by the same campaign activity).

    I could then add a filter to the view to only show records owned by the current user, but that seems dirty.

    Is there a more elegant solution to this very simple problem?

    P.s. CRM 2011 here.

    Friday, March 27, 2015 4:07 PM