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  • Hello All,

    I know this is a relatively new operating system and I have done alot of research before posting my questions here so hopefully someone knows something about the things that go on in the background on home server 2011. Most of my questions are going to be surrounding the website browse/streaming ability. As this is the only portion of Home Sever 2011 that in intrigued me enough to install the operating system.

    First and what I consider the most important question as I have had to re-install 3 times because of this issue.

    1: Why is it when I add movies to the streaming folder "Videos" do they appear online and then move them out of the folder "Videos" are they still on the website and normally still work unless I actually delete them from the server?

    Second note to this question when I readd the files to fix them showing but not playing the website actually creates a duplicate listing.

    2: How do you remove / strip folder sharing settings from folders/files added to "Videos" without actually deleting the files?

    Note I have tried changing sharing options to no one and still when I try to move the folders it tells me they are still shared. Main reason I ask this is I have Videos on 2 drives and as I was trying to share both drives to the website using the browse feature which after much research and little to no available information, moved the folder share video to one drive and recorded tv to the other. Shortly after which I relized this was a mistake as it seems the only supported format for recorded tv that support the streaming playback option on the website is mp4.

    I would like to mention as well this was to take advantage of a flaw in the websites browse feature which was the cause of my first format and reload as it desided to on its own add things in my documents share to pictures/music/video browse/streaming function. Which is an extreme disappointment as using this in my home my documents contained family photos and music with album art which also you may know goes into the photos browse/streaming function.

    Final Question at this time

    3: Is there a way to get the ability to browse/stream  in folders not added to the default "video/picture/recorded tv" folders?


    Thank you for your time and research and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Brian Shepherd

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  • Posting here, don't mean to give you false hope but I am wondering the exact same thing. Would seem pointless to continuously copy and paste just to watch things on my sharedrive remotely. I would love it if I could stream from my share folder instead of downloading individually.


    If anyone has any advice, please let us know.

    Thursday, September 8, 2011 11:29 AM
  • You can stream rather than downloading. To do so:

    • Make sure the file is in a supported format (file type and codec). You'll find more information about this in the online help and on the Microsoft web site.
    • Make sure the share the file is in has media streaming turned on.

    Assuming you've done that, in your home any DLNA compliant client should be able to stream supported files, so your XBox, PS3, etc. should be able to consume media from your server. Outside your home, the Silverlight player will let you stream to any device that supports Silverlight and the file type/codec you want to stream.

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    Thursday, September 8, 2011 12:36 PM