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  • (1) One of the relatively few gripes I have with WM 6.1 Pro on my Samsung Omnia is its apparent inability to handle Flash.
    Even my lowly local weather forcast internet site requires Flash compatibility, and I can't obtain it.
    I have tried repeatedly to download and install Flash 7 for pocket pc's. It apparently installs without a hitch, but whenever I visit a website that requires Flash, it always tells me that I don't have Flash on my pocket pc.

    (2) I have similar problems with YouTube. The home page reads fine and responds, but when I try to view a video clip, Windows Media Player opens, Buffering starts but goes nowhere. No video data is down loaded. Nothing is viewable. I have tried installing the web available program TCPMP which is often recommended as a fix for this problem, but it too installs okay but is then inoperative on my pocket pc.

    I have to say that I find it galling that a pocket pc of such general sophistication with an operating system of such high general capability, should be stumped by these commonly desired functions which fundamentally I don't see why should be such problems. The Wi-Fi data transmission speeds involved in these attempts far exceed what could be needed, for example 54MB/sec. In my opinion, WM 6.1 Pro ought to have been designed to allow & facilitate the viewing of YouTube video clips.
    Tuesday, November 10, 2009 6:19 AM


  • It is a known limitation with mobile IE that flash is not supported.  But there are other mobile browsers that provide greater functionality and more compatibility.  Have you tried using any of these other mobile browsers?  I use Opera Mobile browser and it allows me greater access to the websites I visit, although it is a bit of a memory hog.

    Have you discovered the YouTube mobile website ?  When you go to that website from your mobile device, you can download a free application that works with YouTube videos on a mobile device.  Try it out and see if it works well for you.  If not, there are other clients you could use to do this.  Furthermore, lots of newer windows mobile devices include some kind of flash player that works with YouTube (the HP IPAQs I have and the HTC Fuze - all WM6.1 devices include such an application)...have you looked at the applications that are already on your Samsung Omnia for something like this?  (Windows Media Player will not work with YouTube).
    Prof Julie, Microsoft MVP Mobile Devices | http://pocketprimer.com
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