Why would you scan an ENTIRE folder structure to allow someone to simply (de)select some first level subfolders??? RRS feed

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  • I see no use for this tool so long as it is so restricted and inflexible.  forcing a scan of an ENTIRE folders contents just to be able to select a few desired sub-folders is not logical.  If I want Folders A and B from the ROOT of C:\  you have to add C:\, WAIT for synctoy to parse/enumerate (whatever) EVERY subfolder on the C drive, so that you can then exclude every folder EXCEPT A and B?  Why not just present the first level subfolders immediately, since there's a good chance that's what the user wants!

    I know you are going to say create a job for each folder, but what if it's 12 folders out of "My Documents"?  Making someone wait to enumerate undesired folders (and their contents) makes no sense.

    Case in point...  I tried to use this thing to copy some folders off a netapp location.    Synctoy (LOCKS the UI and) starts scanning through EVERYTHING, including all the ~snapshot (virtual backup) sub-folders, which includes 12 hourly, 3 nightly, and a weekly virtual duplicate of EVERY folder!!  I'm sorry to say, it's useless in MANY cases.

    Monday, July 23, 2012 7:20 PM