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  • Why would power point be extremely blurry, fuzzy and moving, when I open the program, and every screen has limited view of each screen with 3 inches of black on each side of every screen, and the colors move , and the font is thick and nothing is defined, and all font has big, black  bold print or font , and the colors are wavering in the screen,  the colors move around on each screen and the appearance of every screen has loud bold colors, on every screen and when I try to place my curser on the program heading to the left of my screen labeled Microsoft power point the name power point jumps or moves up or down not allowing me to place my curser on the words Microsoft power point, and the weird appearance shows up or stays on every screen and does not allow me to tab left or right to close the program or access icons on either side of a screen in power point. and the round circle microsoft office power point icon on the bottom left shows blurry colors the move.

         Is this what the program looks like when it is crashing?? or are my settings off?, or is this what it looks like when it has a virus??? please help me. I have done everything, I have word 2007, and it worked a couple weeks ago and then started to appear very fuzzy when i open the program , then it went away and now it is back and has been like this for the past 2-3 weeks. I am able to follow directions, and correct this if someone has an idea as to why ONLY THIS PROGRAM DOES THIS. Every other program is fine. UGH!!

    I inadvertently downloaded a free version of word 2010, then when i realized it was there I quickly removed it or turned it off,  and the 2007 has developed this blurring, fuzzy moving appearance  shortly after that.  I love power point and i need this for my children and for my work. What could be causing this and what can repair it !????   SCARRY for ME. THANKU !

    Tuesday, November 6, 2012 7:42 AM