High school project to eventually control a UAV (roll and pitch only) using a Kinect. RRS feed

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    I teach a high school afterschool class centered around UAVs. One of our desired long term projects (more than 2 years) is to control part of the movement of a UAV (swap out the joystick) with a Kinect. I have very minimal experience with coding-- I teach an engineering class where we've coded robots with RobotC (hybrid of java and C language). My question to the forum is, where do I start? and where should I direct my students? I have them learning Python from codeacademy.com right now on the advice of a programmer in know. We've purchased 2 Kinects and were excited to see their skeletal movements. As I research this, I'm getting very intimidated and discouraged, but my students still want to go for it. Can I get some help from this community? websites that can educate me from a beginner's level?


    Constance Arriola

    Saturday, January 7, 2017 6:56 AM