Storing changes and using the built-in SQL Server CE metadata store to store metadata RRS feed

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  • I am using a non-sql database (as the source) that is ADO.NET enabled, and want to use the sync framework to sync the data to a sql database (as the destination).  I am not permitted to change the source database schema to track changes.  The sync will always be from the source db to the destination db.  Since I am not to change the source db schema, I plan to use the built-in SQL Server CE metadata store (which is used by the MSS, i.e. the Metadata Storage Service).  In order to track changes in the source database, I assume I am free to record table inserts, updates and deletions in any manner I want.  So if we have an application that uses the source db, when inserts, updates and deletions occur, the C# code can record these actions to either files or let's say another sql server db, or perhaps not persist the changes and update the metadata only in the code as changes happen.  That way I can get the changes to then use the MSS.  However if someone changed the data in the source db directly, those changes would not be recorded (I cannot modify the source db schema).  Are my assumptions and my approach correct?  How would I track changes when made directly in the source db, as opposed to making changes using the application?

    Thursday, January 6, 2011 2:57 PM