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  • I've come to the conclusion that Dynamics CRM works brilliantly as a CRM but is dreadful as an ERP! Since being taken over this year, we have run two systems (Dynamics for CRM and SAP Business One for ERP). We're now looking for an integrated solution to track orders, payments and costs of sale and am confused by the best way to go.

    We work the orders/invoice system in 2 departments - We use the Opportunity/Order/Invoice system in Dynamics CRM to track sales up to the point where an invoice needs to be sent to the customer. The accounts dept then takes over - anything marked as 'to send invoice' is recreated in SAP Business One. When payment is received, both systems are updated. This is obviously quite a labour intensive system especially as some orders can involve up to 36 invoices (monthly on a 3 year contract), can be for as little as £5 each, and are subject to change depending on customer spend!

    In effect, CRM gives us the visibility of what is going on in the business - Dashboards, views of predicted future invoices etc. SAP carries out the actual accounting, year end type stuff. In this respect it works well, but its cumbersome and takes too long. AS the business grows it will become unmanageable. The issue is having to do everything twice - we therefore want to automate things so that for example, when an invoice is created/updated in CRM it is created/updated in SAP and vice versa.

    Of course with unlimited finance for development, we can do this with any software - SAP, GP, etc We are working on a very limited budget so the more out of the box functionality we can get, and the less development required the better. My questions therefore are:

    Can it be done with easily with SAP?

    Is it worth moving to Dynamics GP in the long run? With the cloud hosted options and monthly SaaS payment then this would get around the budget constraints (as long as development costs were minimal).

    Is GP overkill? (We are only an SME and only want accounting functionality at this stage)

    If going to GP should we wait for GP 2013? Any decent hosted providers out there offering this as a SaaS?

    Is there another option that I haven't looked at yet?

    Any advice gratefully received! Thanks!

    Tuesday, December 11, 2012 9:59 AM


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