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    Back in November I started on a project to get all of my media set up so I could stream it in my home and outside my home.  Well  here is where I am at today, 3.5 months down the road and I am still not done or have come to any conclusion.  Wife is getting pissed at me for messing with it so much and I have a genetic touch of ADD that doesn’t help the matter much…..    I need to get this project done and move on. 


    I am looking at streaming and accessing music, video, pictures.  I get my video from dvd rips mainly.  Here is my set up now:

    1. Windows media center Gateway LS 6200: here are the specs.. http://support.gateway.com/s/PC/LX/LX6200/LX6200sp2.shtml

    AMD 64 phonem x4 proc

    8 gigs of ram.

    750 gig hard drive.

    gigabit Ethernet.

    room for 6 more internal hard drives:

    Two external 5.25-inch

    Two internal 3.5-inch

    Two tool-free external expansion 3.5-inch SATA hard drive bays

    2. Media extenders:  xbox360 and a ps3.

    3. Windows home server:  M2 tecra Toshiba lap top with 2 gigs of ram, 250G internal and a 750gig external attached usb hard drive, 100M Nic hardwired to my router. 

    4. 2 more laptops and 1 more tower in the mix as clients.

    When I transfer files the speeds are at 15 megabit..

    I have also messed around with every streaming media program and media management program, IE Orb, XBMC, My Movies, web guide and so on.....

    I am contemplating using the Gateway computer as the WMS for I don’t really need it for a media center with my xbox and ps3.  However, I don’t want to go down the road of no return so any advise would be great…I know it is over kill, but it is what I have at my disposal at this time. Just not sure if the AMD 64 proc  and the onboard video card will work.. so any input would be great….


    So for the sake of my marriage, if I could get some advise it would be greatly appreciated. 

    Should I turn my gateway into the media server, or keep the lap top and look at getting a gigabyte nic and a faster hard drive set up such as a PCMCIA card with SATA....  or should I make the Gateway the WHS and be done with it.

    Also... If I could get some advise on the best media program to run my movies at home on PS3 and xbox and to stream when out of the home that would be great.  Looking for a universal product if possible.  I am thinking orb but not 100% sure.

    I really need to get this done once and for all.... any insight and or advise  would be great... thanks in advance.



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  • Personally I would try and get advice from The Green Button Community. That's where you will find the media center experts. They even have a separate Windows Home Server discussion board.
    Saturday, February 14, 2009 4:25 AM
  • Hi Doug,

    I have two desktops,  two laptops, WHS (custom made) and a PS3.   I share all media over a gig ethernet (wired) and one wireless laptop.  I am a photographer so my major reason for the WHS was to double backup my PICs.  I can access those pics from any computer. 
      I also just got the PS3 and can now do a slide show on my 60" HD TV, and that has been great for family get togethers . I also installed Playon on one of my desktops. It works through DLNA/UPnP and so now I even watch netflicks on my TC.
    Not sure exactly what inof you are lookin for but I think you might need UPnP turned on on your router, even though alot of ppl say this is a security hole I have not seen any problems.

    Trying to access data from other locations (outside of home) on the road works..but is very slow.  The only other thing I would sugest is only using MP3 for music and cause the other (WMA..lol ) sometimes will not let you play a song. 

    All my computers are Vista Home Prem, execpt on old laptop (XP).  I am using two D-Link DIR-655 routers.  I do try and plug my laptop into the router to transfer pics around...and do Synctoy for pic backup.  I've got it al working pretty good right now.  The WHS has been flawless since the Jan 08.  It was hell the first 3 months...till Jan 08 updates...did the backups....but couldn't do restores..crashed. 

    Let me know exactly what you are trying to do and I'll try to help. 
    Saturday, February 14, 2009 5:32 PM