Feedback I Sent MS on The New Outlook Live email Program RRS feed

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  • User unfriendly. One of the WORST email programs design I have seen. Ads occupy wide space on the right, leaving insufficient  space in the middle for messages display with text too small to read, requiring an extra step to open them is a separate window. Who came up with this STUPID design?? Send button shows as blue arrow, like a puzzle for the user to figure out. (Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!) The 'Discard' feature was removed from reply windows, as well as other convenient features we had in the previous version. Worse than all, the professional-technical support provide on the MS forum for Outlook Live is inadequate, to say the least. MS techies who interact with users here are slow and unhelpful in most cases. For instance, I reported a problem on the previous version with the Suggested Contacts popup windows regarding email addresses most frequently used, and it has not been resolve in the new version either. WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO ADD, DELETE, AND CHANGE POSITION/ORDER OF THIS SUGGESTED CONTACTS LIST. Really, you can't find someone with brains to run this project?
    Tuesday, May 1, 2018 2:14 PM