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  • I'm finding your Live OneCare to have gone the way like the other lethargic bloated user unfriendly, big brother software companies.


    I have wasted more time (and time/money) trying to get on a public (free) network to do my work. I should charge you for my time. Eventually I just have to turn off the firewall to get on, then turn the firewall back on. Now that makes really good sense. What good does it do the downtown and cafe networks to give free service when your product blocks it?


    I will dump this elephant software as soon as it expires. If I authorize the option to get on a public network I don’t need big brother to tell me no I can’t get on after I've ok it. Your job should be to protect me once I'm on, not lock me off!


    Now if you cant figure out how to get this software to work simply for the general public, in public places, do the rest of a favor and dump this pig.


    Macintosh looks better every year.


    Fred Watson



    Monday, February 18, 2008 7:27 PM

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  • I'm sorry to read that you had problems accessing the Internet when connecting to a public network. Without knowing what you encountered, I can't even speculate the cause. I can tell you that I've not experienced any problems accessing any number of private and public networks with OneCare over wireless, wired, cellular and dial-up - and it was simple.

    I don't think OneCare is perfect, and I am the first to complain about some of the configuration options such as backup and the lack of configurability in Tune-up, but connecting to a new network is not something OneCare interferes with in my experience.

    That said, you are certainly entitled to your opinion based on your experience.



    Tuesday, February 19, 2008 1:37 AM