How do I get MS Office Back after reformatting and re-installing Vista in Dell Laptop RRS feed

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  • How do I get Microsoft Office back into my laptop?


    When my computer got a Spyware in the system, I was advised that I had to reformat the drive and re-install Vista using the installation CD that came with my laptop.  I got rid of the spyware alright but, MS Office was gone as well.


     I checked the installation CDs that came with my Dell laptop and have Microsoft Works instead of Microsoft Office.


    I know I can download free version of MS Office from the net but they're not complete.


    Is there a way to have Microsoft Office back?... Do I need to buy the software?... Isn't it part of the package when I bought my laptop?


    I was advised by a Dell Tech Agent that when I re-install Vista and entered the product key, it would detect that MS Office as part of the package and thus be installed as well. Is this true?


     I was wondering if I did the re-installation wrong... or perhaps missed a step or something.


    Thanks for feedback/advise... Regardless.



    Monday, October 29, 2007 3:25 AM


  • Unless you specifically ordered and paid for a perpetual license for Microsoft Office, you likely had a trial version of Microsoft Office installed.  You'll need to purchase a version of Microsoft Office and install it.  If you had paid for a Microsoft Office license, Dell would have included the Microsoft Office installation CD and product key with your Dell computer.


    Monday, October 29, 2007 2:21 PM