navigating search results using goback one page and goforward onepage RRS feed

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  • it seems after searching for a keyword lets say windbg on all foums and getting a results

    Results 1-20of about 4,180for: windbg

    i read say till page 4 of results and in page 4  i read a thread 

    now after reading the thread and or  after answering the thread if i hit the back button

    i do not land back in page 4 but i land in page 1

    i have to keep on navigating page by page to page 4 again to continue

    this seems to be annoying

    is there a way whereby i can start reading from page 16 or page 44 or page N by specifying page no

    some thing akin to GOTO page no 44  ie thread no 44*20 = 880 instead of

    keep on clicking 44 times next page,next page,next page,  >> >> link ???? in the search results page ?

    is there some way i can continue from the page where i diverged instead of

    coming down all the way to page no 1 of results and starting to get up to page N

    the snakes and ladders game come to my mind when i use the search functionality

    i tried answering a few questions today after reading but had to discontinue after encountering this irritating behaviour

    any pointers / solutions / gotchas /bypasses /workarounds would be helpful

    Sunday, March 25, 2012 3:15 PM


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