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  • One of our computers crashed that had preinstalled programs on it but we did have recovery disks. The problem is the hard drive was unusable and we had to rebuild with new hardware. I tried to load the disks on the rebuilt system and now I am getting the message stating it has to be activated but I am unable to activate it because the product ID is not being accepted on the validation site. The machine was an E-Machine with XP Home Edition with Office.


    Is what I am trying to accomplish with the disks onto the new machine a valid operation or do I need to purchase new software? Thank you for your help on this matter.



    Saturday, November 10, 2007 2:34 AM


  • Hello MySassy,


    Was your eMachine still under warantee? Please attempt and work with them.  Your OEM license for XP comes with certain restrictions that make it less flexible, and therefore less expensive, than the retail license for XP.  One of the limitations is that the license is "married" to the computer onto which it is first installed, and by the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) it is not permitted to be moved to any other computer.  In order to read your EULA, click Start>Run, type winver and click OK, then click on the link for the license terms or EULA.


    An interpretation and enforcement of the OEM EULA regards a change in motherboard for the reason of upgrading to get new features, enhanced performance, etc, constitutes a "new computer."


    (This interpretation is intended to protect the system builder/OEM who built the computer from having to support hardware and software that they did not install.  This is a good thing when your small local computer shop is the system builder.  

    On the other hand, making the same, exact change of motherboard because the old motherboard was defective is permitted by Microsoft's interpretation and enforcement of the EULA. Unfortunately you may be required to purchase a new copy of windows. 



    Stephen Holm, MS


    Monday, November 12, 2007 8:07 PM