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    : Initial Question/Comment: hi, i want to downgread IE7 to IE6 from my XPe Thin Client...

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    : hi mr alvin

    Alvin Wang: May I have your name please?

    : i m vimal from India /guj

    Alvin Wang: Hi Vimal, I understand you want to downgrade IE7 to IE7. May I know which the operating system is, Windows Vista or Windows 7?

    Alvin Wang: Sorry. IE 7 to IE 6.

    : ie7 to IE6

    : windows XP Embeded

    : i have HP t5730 Thin Clinet

    Alvin Wang: I see. You may try to check whether IE 7 can be found in Add or Remove Programs from Control Panel.

    Alvin Wang: If yes, you may try to remove it.

    : not that optin is not avialable

    Alvin Wang: Okay. Please wait for a moment. Let me double check on this.

    : i check do this artical process also "http://support.microsoft.com/kb/927177"

    Alvin Wang: May I know whether the steps on the KB article have been performed successfully?

    : no

    : and also i install ie7 and remove by using " spuninst.exe"

    Alvin Wang: Do you mean after running spuninst.exe, IE7 is still on?

    : yeah

    : process was success fully done but original IE is existing in my XPe os

    Alvin Wang: Have you restarted your computer to check?

    : my biggest order is on hold due to this reason

    : yeah

    : please help for this...

    Alvin Wang: I see. Let me check on this.

    : if you have any ie7 removal tools so please give me..

    : i also using cc cleaner but ie 7 is not listed

    Alvin Wang: I am afraid we have not this kind tool. Additionally, I suggest you refer to the following web page too:
    You cannot uninstall Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8 after you install Windows XP Service Pack 3

    : i have 2GB Flash memory in my thin client...

    : so not possible to install sp3

    : it's a Windows XP Embeded OS...

    : not reguler os

    Alvin Wang: Sorry for the information. Thank you for the clarification. Let me double check on this.

    : i f possible u can take information....right now i m talk from hp t5730 thin client

    : and it's fress installation

    Alvin Wang: I see. Thank you for the information. Please bear me longer.

    : ok

    Alvin Wang: Vimal, I suggest you try to use the following tool to check:
    Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Uninstall Toolkit

    I understand this tool is for IE7 Beta version. However, you may take a try.

    : allredy i triying

    Alvin Wang: Could you perform sfc /scannow to check the drive?

    : Embeded os has no any that type of command

    : i trying all method from last three days...

    : customer is Aditya Birla Group...

    : Baroda...

    : / gujarat /india

    : they need up to 400 Thin Client

    Alvin Wang: I see. I appreciate your efforts and time. At this time, I am afraid you need to refer to our technical support team directly.

    Alvin Wang: Please understand that we're non-technical support team and what we can do for you is to locate some existing articles or give a website navigation. Please refer the following link to contact our technical support center and work with our support engineer for further technical assistance.

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    Alvin Wang: I apologize for the inconvenience. Your understanding will be appreciated.

    : i will try...

    : thank you for support.. Please if you getting any solution so please call me +91-9824111686

    Saturday, April 3, 2010 5:49 AM