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  • Hello Together,

    We are using a Microsoft HPC Cluster 2012 R2 SP2 with around 150 nodes.
    The Scheduling Mode is set to queued, and we are using our HPC with Enabled Resource Pools.

    Currently we have 12 different Pools which are used with 12 separated Job Templates.

    Lets assume with have only Jobs running for 6 Pools.
    So the garanteed Resources for the unused 6 Pools can be used for the already running jobs/pools.
    The observation we made is now, that all the free resources will be allocated to the pool, which has the
    lowest weight.

    This leads to a wrong assignment of the resources in our cluster, and the pool with the lowest weight get the highest number of resources.

    In my understanding, it would be better, if the unused resources from the pool are distributed/assigned to the already used pools
    in the relation to the given weights from every pool.

    My Question Now are:

    How are the unused Cores inside a Resource Pools distributed inside the currently used Pools?
    How can steer the usage of unused Cores in the HPC-Cluster ?
    Is there any possibility to configure this ?
    Or is the behaviour i described more up wanted ?

    Any help is welcome.

    Thank you very much in advance,


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  • Hello Bobby,


    With regard to your observation that “all the free resources will be allocated to the pool, which has the lowest weight”, suppose it is the lowest weight pool in the used 6 pools, correct?


    Please note that the allocation of the cores in the unused pools are based on the job priority, submit time, and scheduling mode (Queued or Balanced), not on the weights of the pools in use. So it is possible for the lowest weight pool in use to have the highest allocated cores when there is more jobs, or more jobs with higher priorities, or more jobs with earlier submit time, requesting for this pool.




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