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  • Been asked to create a help system for a program created in microsoft access.  I have very basic skills...in my second month of a dip of software development so only covered html, javascript etc.

    I have chosen the program html help workshop to create, and understand that I have to use html to create the documents, and i have to create paths etc but have no idea how to string it all together?

    Anyone able to help me out here!

    Wednesday, March 19, 2014 12:19 AM


  • Hi, RoisinMurphy.

    You have asked this question on the Microsoft Learning and Certification forum. There are much better forums available and I have included a bunch of resources including more appropriate forums at the end of this post for you. Let me see if I can get you started down the right path to creating some tech docs.

    I see that you have downloaded (or soon will have downloaded) and installed the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop 1.4 that is available for download here:

    There are three (3) files available for download. You only need two (2) of them (Htmlhelp.exe and HelpDocs.zip). The HtmlHelpj.exe file is the Japanese version and I am assuming you won't be using that.

    After downloading the two (2) files, you will need to unblock each of them. To do this, right-click the Htmlhelp.exe file and click Properties. Click the Unblock button and then click OK. Repeat this process with the other file, HelpDocs.zip. It is important that you do this before you extract the files inside so the Windows operating system (OS) will trust the files.

    After unblocking it, right-click the HelpDocs.zip file and click Extract All... to extract the .chm help files to a nearby folder.

    You can install the application by running the Htmlhelp.exe installer. It will tell you that it is v1.3 and that newer files may already exist on the target system - that is just fine! After installing it, you can launch it from the Start menu.

    There is a lot of documentation and access to help professionals available online! Here are some sites that I found:

    I believe the main help files that you extracted (htmlhelp.chm, etc.) and the HTML Help 1.4 documentation will have enough information to get you started.

    Good luck!

    Best wishes, Davin Mickelson

    Wednesday, March 19, 2014 5:04 AM