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  • I use Windows XP. I was moving holiday snaps (jpegs) from a USB memory stick to a folder on my laptop C drive. Unfortunately I used cut/paste rather than copy/paste, and the computer froze after having apparently transferred 220 or so pictures. I had to disconnect from the mains and remove the battery before I could reboot. I let the machine run a disk check. When it rebooted, the files which had apparently already been cut and moved before the crash were not visible either on the peg or in the destination folder on the hard drive. (The remaining, un-cut files were still on the peg).

    I have found a file apparently made at the time of the crash:


    which is about half a megabyte in size, and some apparently associated smaller files also in the FS folder (OBJECTS.MAP etc.).

    Are these anything to do with my lost pictures and is there any way I can retreive/restore them?

    Instructions in VERY SIMPLE terms please as I am not very computer literate.

    Many thanks

    Wednesday, April 23, 2008 9:50 AM

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