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  • I installed WHS Vail on Monday and attached two 2TB hard drives with the objective to attach another ten hard drives. However, the storage pool on the system drive is not being emptied,  meaning that it seems that the files on the system system drive are not balanced to the second hard drive. When  I move files to the WHS, it gives errors such as that the destination is full.

    I always understood that when files are copied to the WHS, that these files are first stalled on the storage pool of the system drive and that some kind of program moves the files to the other hard drives. It does not have anything to do with duplication as this was only turned on for some small directories. I have not turned it off for all directories but it does not help.

    Edit: I am not sure that, what I just wrote, is correct. When trying to move files/directories with Total Commander (moving it from an HD to a network share) it showed sum unexpected behaviour. I am now trying to move it using MS Windows Explorer. This seems to go okay. I actually see the free space of the Storage pool on the system drive remaining the same (150,8 GB after I turned off all duplication, before it showed 0 as free space) but I see the free space on the second drive of the storage pool decreasing. It does copy it with a slow 16MB per second but that is probably because it is doing something else as well in the background.

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  • Have you attached the extra two 1TB drives to the storage pool using the dashboard?. It sounds as though you are only seeing the free space left for the storage pool on the system disk. If you attach the 2 x 1TB drives to the pool you should be able to copy data to the shares quite happily. Once you have the extra drives attached if you wish you can then remove the remaining space on the "c drive" from the storage pool.

    Make certain that you look at the free space etc. within the dashboard not by using explorer on the vail desktop. Looking at the desktop is likely to cause you confusion until you are used to the system.

    Originally on WHS v1 files were copied to the "landing zone" on the first/system drive and then onto to other disks. This is no longer the case in either V1 or Vail.

    I do not know anything about Total Commander so cannot comment. For bulk copying I tend to use Richcopy or terracopy.



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