Resource Plan View doesn't show the resources assigned to tasks in the Project Plan RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    First thing first, I'm using Project Server 2013.

    I'm a little bit confused with the Resource Plans view, in some cases we calculate from Project Plan and in other cases we calculate from resource Plan.

    I was hoping that the information was going to be read from:

    • Resource Plan created in PWA (in those cases that we don't have a detailed Project Plan and we don't use Project Professional for these projects)
    • Project Plan, in the other cases (where we have a detailed Project Plan, so we didn't make any resource plan in PWA and we created directly the Project Plan in Project Professional) it was going to be read from Project Plan (the one we created in Project Professional).

    In order to do that we used the 'Calculate from', it is Resource Plan or Project Plan, respectively.

    In other cases, we created initially a Resource Plan in PWA, and later on we created the Project Plan in Project Pro, then we changed the Calculate from to Project Plan, but it doesn't read anything from Project Plan in order to show it through this view.

    After reading about this issue I'm starting to guess that there is no relation between the project plan that we made through Project Pro and the infomration showed through this view.

    As you can see,  I need someone to clarify me this concept.

    Thank you for you help and kind regards,

    José Espases

    Thursday, October 29, 2015 9:11 AM


  • Hi José,

    A few clarifications about the resource plans. First of all, the parameter "calculate from" has NO impact on what you see in the view on the right of your resource plan at all. This is just triggering how Project will calculate the capacity (for reporting.

    In the database, you have 3 types of work: resource plan work which is the work entered in the resource plan, the project plan work which is the work entered in the project plan and finally the combined work which is the work calculated based on the parameter. It has the 3 options you mentionned:

    • Project plan: the combined work will exclusively take the work from the project plan. This is by default if you do not use the resource plan.
    • Resource plan: the combined work will exclusively take the work from the resource plan. You will choose this parameter in an earlier planning phase where you still don't have a project plan but only a resource plan.
    • Project plan until: the combined work will take the project work until the specified date and then the resource plan work after. This is to be used when you use a combination of the project plan for short term horizon and resource plan for long term horizon for capactiy planning.

    Once more, what you see in the right part of your resource plan is ONLY the resource plan work. Updating the project plan and set the capacity calculation parameter to "project plan" will not update the right part data.

    Hope this helps,

    Guillaume Rouyre, MBA, MVP, MCC |

    Thursday, October 29, 2015 10:57 AM