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  • I have a similar problem that is killing me.  In my case, it's not that I can't activate, but purely the fact that sysprep /generalize can only be run 3 times.  In fact, I can't believe that anybody that maintains their own images isn't being killed by this.


    In order to be able to load the same single image on any computer, I need to use Sysprep /generalize to reset activation so the period starts at 30 days from when the image is loaded on a computer.


    I update the image with new software (our own software we preinstall on the images) every 2 months.  The most efficient way to do this is to load the previous image, update it, run sysprep /generalize again and then save the updated image.  But as is now, Microsoft is saying I can only update this image 3 times.


    What Microsoft is telling me is that every time I need to update an image I basically have to reinstall Windows fresh and reinstall and update all my software from scratch.  That's a huge amount extra work and is unacceptable.


    In a lab environment where I need to reimage the same PC's over and over, I could also create an already activated image for every PC, but then I have to udpate each image independently.  If I have 10 PC's in the lab that's 10 times the work, and 10 times the disk space storage for storing the images.  Again, unacceptable.


    There HAS to be a way to deal with this.

    Friday, April 20, 2007 4:30 PM