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    1. I'm using XP NEC Note Book PC C: drive 30 GB and F:drive 250 GB(usb)      to test W7E trial. Installing the W7E trial, The XP enviroment was not working any more.
    2. W7E  display Resolution  2  types  only (1024 - 758  and  800 x 600)
    3. Installing Microsoft OFFICE 2007 (Word-Excel) its working like XP.
    4. I like to play a DVD Movie . Installing (InterVideo - WINDVD) . I insert the DVD movie into the USB DVD Drive ....but >>??? not working.
    5. W7E Display Appearance.(1. Generic Non-Pnp Monitor on Standard VGA Graphics Adapter) only Resolution (1024-768)
    6. I installed Windows Media Player 10. I insert the DVD movie the MP10 play the movie.
    7. I'm using XP desktop but I can not use it in testing W7E trial.
    8. My job just only Main Frame SE Programmer. We are using XP as the Work Station.  My job has no connection to the IT job. We use JCL program to run our programs. Our Computer name is HITACHI. At present we using the language (COBOL). I create system diagram using Microsoft Visio.
    9. As I can say from the Technet.Microsoft , Thank you very much for your kindness giving me a chance to try your trial (W7E).
    10. Lastly, Why not give a full test without descrimination against the users. Give them a guide what you know. IT are human being and users are also human. 
    11. Your 90 days count down at the back of the main frame are called insulting them to hurry up. If your pride is very high .... it may fall you... into the dust. You extended 60 to 120 days for the trial test. But I think it is short. The bug is going to appear. Because we are human being. Nobody is perfect.   






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    Tuesday, April 27, 2010 1:35 PM