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    Regarding Microsoft Office 2010, I may have misunderstood the literature regarding the language packs or language proofing tools. 1st of all I am not sure if they are 2 different names for the same thing or not. Are they? 2nd I do not in ay way want to change my UI with a different language. All I want to be able to do is -1- let Office not give me those squiggly red lines when I write in a different language  -2- be able to spell-check and grammar check in the other language. And since I often use more than one language at the same time (2 to 3) be able to use all of the languages for spell-check etc. at the same time. So what exactly am I looking for?

    What I have legally downloaded are 3 files that have such a series of numbers/letters: X16-37717.exe, X16-37707.exe, X16-37690.exe. Are these the right kind of stuff I am looking for?

    OS: Windows7 Home Premium 64bit


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    The email received telling me your message says that you moved it. Yet I think what it meant is that it has been removed from here and that I (not you) should go to the other forum instead and ask my question there. Is this right, or has my question indeed been moved for me?


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