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  • So I've been having a constant battle with Windows Vista, from the day I got it:

    I leave my laptop on day and night, and during the night when I am not using it, I like to sleep. Now, as the laptop is a laptop, the monitor cannot be switched off seperatly, and one of the good things about Windows XP is that if you set your monitor to turn off after a certain amount of time, it would actually turn off, so that there is nothing - not even a light on screen.

    But in Windows Vista, I was shocked to discover that all the "Turn off monitor" option did was to fade it out to black, and still have the mouse showing, and some light.

    I cannot close my lid, because my Wireless gets disconnected, and I need it during the night, so my question to you: Is there anything I can do to turn it off fully, like XP does? I have tried installing the graphics drivers from the ATI site, thinking that it have been because I was using WDDM Drivers, but it was not. Thanks.
    Tuesday, December 11, 2007 9:18 PM