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    I am new to WRK and ProjectOz and I'd like to know how I could set up the environment

    those 10 steps are not working on my computer especially the nmake step. could anybody help me and explain to me what each step does and should I run them on cmd or powershell. I tried both but they are not working? I have another question, what is the relation between projectoz and WRK?

    0. Copy the WRK into a directory, say %wrk%. 
        1. set arch=x86 [or amd64]
        2. path %wrk%\tools\%arch%;%path%
        3. cd %wrk%\base\ntos
        4. nmake -nologo %arch%=
            will produce kernel files in BUILD\EXE\%arch%
            [wrkx86.* or wrkx64.*]
        5. copy the kernel to %SystemRoot%\system32\
        6. if x86, find the Multi-processor version of hal.dll [see below]
        7. add a line to C:\boot.ini of the target system
            to boot this kernel and the MP hal [see below]
        8. reboot and select the boot option for the new kernel
        9. you will boot up on a kernel you built/linked yourself!
            [always keep the original boot.ini line and kernel/hal available so you
             can still boot your system if something fails with your WRK kernel modifications]

    Monday, September 17, 2007 8:47 AM