Minor login error: says I'm logged in, but then says I'm not when I post RRS feed

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  • I wish I could post screen shots...

    I was both logged-in, and logged-out, simultaneously.
    - At the top right corner it said "United States (English) | | Sign Out"
    - Below that is the red MSDN banner
    ! Below that, on the right side is the gray box with the image of the user that says "Please sign in"
    - This happened on
       (although it happened on any page I navigated to)

    If I tried to make a post, I got a screen that said:
    "You are not signed in.  You need to be signed in with a forums profile to contribute. Continue..."
    The word Continue... was a link, which would then take me to the same page.
    - This message appeared on

    I was able to sign-in and it fixed the problem.  This happened after I came back into work Monday.  Are there two login cookies?  One for MSDN, and one for the forums?  Did one timeout but the other did not?

    Firefox 3.0.6
    Windows XP Professional
    2.33Mhz, 2GB RAM
    Monday, March 2, 2009 8:26 PM


  • It's an old problem at this forum site.  The login cookie you get lasts exactly 24 hours.  Which, when you get the work at a regular time, makes it extremely likely that you start up your browser at very nearly the time your cookie expires.  Getting in a minute early is an awkward problem: you start a response to a post and your login expires while typing.  Clicking the Submit button now gives a non-descriptive "There was an error" message.  Yes, 23 hour cookies would be a good idea.

    Hans Passant.
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    Tuesday, March 3, 2009 12:53 AM