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  • Its seems that I am a little (too say the least) behind in the ASP game and should have figured out the requirement for needing a DB earlier. Maybe it is time to start again???.....

    This is what I have at present: Users/Roles and Logins using the default server through Visual Studio 2010. I am now required incorporate the following:

    - Question and Answer section to Teachers for students who are logged in users. this must appear on every grade homepage (I guess a bulletin board would be suffice??)

    - File upload (by teacher) / download (by student) on each subject page. In addition the student would have to send their work back through the subject page direct to the Teachers email or user account

    - Editable section on each subject page for the teacher to manipulate the content and inform students of new homework assignments.


    Am I taking on an almighty task as a novice????..... I have some skills as a DB designer so I can knock up the database (I think) but I will take advice on everything that I need to do, due to my pressing deadline!! :( 


    Thank you to all who take the time to assist or advise.


    Kind Regards

    Wednesday, July 13, 2011 11:26 AM