unknown process hyjacking 50% of cpu RRS feed

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    there has been an process running intermediately that takes up 50% of my cpu. It has been doing so for months and I cant figure out what it is or what program it is linked to. It shows up as  apdproxy.exe  in task master. I think it might be linked to ebay, because it seems to turn on when my sister ( who has an ebay business ) gets on. It will continue to use 50% consistantly until I restart computer.It doesnt seem to effect anything else, but I use programs that need full power and this process is jamming things up. I keep most all programs set so you have to manually turn them on, not start up, and dispite the fact that task master says that there are no programs running this process wont go away unless i restart, and some times i have to do that twice.

     What is this process? What program is it linked to?  What is it doing? How do I get rid of it?



    Saturday, November 1, 2008 12:06 PM