I want my 200 quid back!!!! RRS feed

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  • Boy, I am so hacked off right now!  I bought windows vista with my old PC with Premium, used it for a while and decided the PC wasnt powerful enough to run my music recording software. I set about building a new PC to my own spec and installed Vista on it.


    Everything worked fine for 2 months when Vista started asking for the activation key again....After reading a few articles on the subject it appeared to be a 'quirk' of Vista that this happens and it would be cured by a future update. I ignored it and consequently got deactivated!!!!!


    After trying several times to reactivate the software and calling the activation line several times and getting nowhere, I was forced to buy another activation key because I could not afford to be offline any longer than absolutely neccessary.  The key cost 200 quid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I have sent e-mails to Microsoft and am awaiting an answer.  My question is: Am I likely to see my 200 quid again!!

    Saturday, November 17, 2007 11:52 PM