(OCSCM)Free Tool to manage OCS 2007 users Contact list ( instead of VB Scripts) RRS feed

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    Dear ,

    I like to announce all of you that there is a Free Tool lanched at www.ocscm.com for manage Office Communications Server 2007/2005 Users contaclt list in easy and effieciencly way fro IT Administrators  in any orgainzations

    < OCSCM is a replacement of MS VB Scripts>

    Product Overview

    Release Goal


    OCSCM is a free tool used by IT administrator to manage OCS users’ contacts list in efficiently and easy way. IT Administrator can assign, reassign contacts to any user, create new OCS User and find any contact easily and quickly. They can also send emails to all contact lists about new OCS User.


    Product Scope


    OCSCM will enable IT administrator to manage operations related to OCS users to save IT stuff efforts and time, it provide the following operation

    1.       Availability of Create OCS user (Active Directory user with live communication server option Enable).

    2.       Assign &Reassign contacts list to OCS user.

    3.       Delete any contact from all OCS users exist in Contact List.

    4.       Send Notification mail to all contacts (contact list users) about the new OCS user.


    Tuesday, December 18, 2007 12:43 AM