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  • Hi All,
    I'm working on a proof of concept for a tool that will support many users working with data from several source systems (sql server & oracle) in a single excel file(one for each user).
    My theory is that I can use excel (2003) as my UI to present the data and allow the user to make updates as necessary and have the data actually stored in a sharepoint list. I've played abit with the "published list" (aka external data range) which with sharepoint is extremely easy to set up.

    My question is two fold...
    1. At first glance, are there any glaring flaws in this seemingly simple plan? more specificly on performance and scalability. could be thousands of records (not millions) and it could be as many as 100 users (the POC will be for 5 or 10)
    2. Filtering - Is there a method of filtering the data in the sharepoint list. for example if I have a check box field to indicate that an item is closed and I only want to display active items can I filter my results from the list to only show records where the check box is not checked?

    Any ideas would be much apreciated.
    Thursday, June 21, 2007 2:38 PM