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  • Help! Attempted to open my Microsoft money this morning to pay bills and it said my file had been corrupted. Attempted to restore from latest backup which was 8/22/19 but that did not work. Also tried to repair corrupted file, that did not work.  Unfortunately, because of my crappy skills, I have probably replaced my original file so I know money is still able to run because I can open it (as a clean slate). I do have a back up on a external hard drive but of course that was probably a couple months ago. (yes, I know I am stupid and should do it more often).  

    Any help you can give me would be appreciated.  I only use this as my home family accounting but it is my lifeline to keeping track. I would tell you to explain everything I need to do as if I were a five year old but I'm pretty sure five-year-olds are more computer savvy than myself.  Thanks in advance.


    Sunday, August 25, 2019 3:36 PM

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  • By default, Money Plus saves your latest 4 backups. Make copies of them.

    To search for your Money backup files, you can do this command in a command window:

    dir \*.mbf /s

    This will take a while. If the newest backup does not work, use the second-newest.

    I would make extra copies of the backup files onto a USB flash drive... just in case.

    I have Money keep my latest 20 backup files since I have plenty of disk space. Money also can be set up to make a scheduled backup. I do my scheduled backup to a USB flash drive.

    Sunday, August 25, 2019 7:18 PM
  • Thanks Cal,

    I had the computer search for prior backups and everyone I attempted said they were corrupted. Nothing worked. Some of the files are very large while same are not.  I was ready to scrap it (even though I did shed some tears as this has been my family bookkeeping for my entire married life through 4 kids (3 adoptions, 4 homes. Nostaglia!) I had tried years ago to switch to Quicken, hated it.  This is/WAS like my security blanket. 

    The next day after work, I tried it one more time and it worked! I have no idea because I did the exact thing I did the day before.  I did a happy dance. That was short lived.  Now, everytime my computer backs up, the file is corrupted.  Recently I had to buy a new cord for my laptop which seems a little "glitchy". Doesn't always charge.  It seems coincidental that the cord and the corruption seem to be at the same time. 

    I feel I'm back to where I started.  Even my backed up versions on an external hard drive are "weird".  I have attemped to restore every backed up file (big or small).  All are corrupted. I feel I have wasted so much time on this. Should I just start a clean slate or a new program?  

    Thank you for helping especially since you are volunteers,


    Saturday, August 31, 2019 3:10 PM
  • If you can get into a file for a while, you could try a QIF backup and restore.

    To do QIF Export+Import, you will need to export each account that you
    want to keep.  Do both regular and Investment accounts.  Make the
    filenames meaningful. File->Export...->LooseQIF->OK.

    When you choose a filename for an investment account, I suggest that you
     make the first character of the filename to be a number.
     Start the filename of other accouts with a letter.   Thus you might have
     1BrownInvestment.qif and BrownInvestmentCash.qif.  This would cause
     the investment account to be processed prior to the associated cash
     account.  When the BrownInvestment got created, you would specify
     that you want to track the cash transactions.  Then specify that
     the cash transactions account for BrownInvestment was where the
     BrownInvestmentCash.qif transactions get sent.

     Once you have all of the QIF files saved, that will be a milestone. Review the filenames to make sure they are meaningful. When you import the files all at once, they will be brought in in alphanumeric (number first) order.

    Copy the QIF files to the new computer.
     Then File->Import ALL AT ONCE using Ctrl+<click> to select files.
     Specify "New or Recovered" account when asked. The reason for the all-at-once
     thing is to allow Money to recognize transfers, and to allow investment transactions
    to match up to the cash account entry.

     There are things that will not come across, but you will have a clean file.
     You may have to adjust balance. Stock symbols will not come across.

    I think you could import into Quicken the same way.

    Saturday, August 31, 2019 3:49 PM