Microsoft Online support people should not be given Moderator rights immediately RRS feed

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  • The SharePoint forums (and no doubt many others) have recently (in some cases more than two years after the forums opened) been "blessed" with the presence of "Microsoft Online Support" people.

    As soon as these people arrive in the forums and post their first ever post, they are being given Moderator status.

    This is totally incorrect. Moderator status should be earned and at the very least requires some understanding of how forums work and a respect for Moderators who have been spending a lot of their time over these two years in moderating these forums even if those moderators are not from Microsoft.

    Please ensure that all new Microsoft posters are not granted Moderator rights to the forums until sufficient time has elapsed so that they know not to propose their own posts as answers; not to mark their own answers even if no comment has come from the original poster; and not to move threads (back) to forums from which a more experienced Moderator has already moved the post. (etc.)



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    Thursday, June 24, 2010 11:05 AM