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  • Hi All,

    I apologize if this has been said before.

    I work for a very small company, with only a small amount of cash to spare and no technical expertise.

    My boss bought a copy of SBS 2003 and asked me to install it. I guess he believed the marketing that suggested that you didn't need much knowledge to get SBS going. Needless to say I failed miserably and we wasted $500.

    So next we bought one of HP's low cost servers a Proliant something or other. And we have installed the trial version of Home server. This time round my experience was completely different. Barring a few things that I have yet to configure everything is up and running with virtually zero problems.

    We are going to use the guest account for everyone in the office and then use the user accounts to provide our partner firms with access to certain folders. I would much rather give everyone a specific user account but the ten licenses aren't enough to do that.

    I have heard some suggestions of Cal's but frankly the best thing about home server is how easy it is to use and Cals just mean more hassle for me.

    What I would like to see on the market is an "enterprise" solution that has the ease of use of home server but with more licenses and some added utility for businesses that are in the transition from very small to big enough to afford the costs involved with SBS. Perhaps an FTP utility on the server so that I wouldn't have to give up a user for an outside company. Also I would like to see a "network in a box" product that has: a switch, a server machine, a wireless access point, a network attached storage device with FTP that you would place in a separate location and use to back up your server, All software and drivers, and comprehensive instructions on how to set it up.

    Something like this would be perfect for a home business or a small owner operated office.

    If anybody knows of a product like this let me know.

    Saturday, September 27, 2008 4:32 AM

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  • Hi,
    buying something and having no proper training to at least configure it in the way it is necessary and not wanting to spend some money to hire external support as well is not a good idea. There is a difference between installing and "going". Once configured properly, SBS should fullfill your needs and only from time to time need some maintenance.
    Such core configuration mistakes like using the guest account for inhouse users shows a lot, since guest is not only the least privileged account in any Windows environment, but it's usage is strictly not recommended as a big security gap. Installing a server is not the same like setting up a computer game and requires some more than basic knowledge and understanding of what you are doing. Why else companies would hire IT staff?

    This does not change the fact, that WHS is not designed for this audience, and the home user is the target market. (Even if for very small companies it is better than a shared Windows XP desktop.)

    If with CALs you mean Client Access Licenses - some are included in SBS, depending from the edition. Sure it may add hassles, but they are a requirement for the licensed usage of the product.

    And don't mix up Small Business and Enterprise, since these have in marketing a totally different scope.
    Maybe the words sound a bit hard, but I think your boss needs to accept the truth.

    Best greetings from Germany
    Sunday, September 28, 2008 9:16 PM