I got Exception "Add primary key or specify that a ROWGUIDCOL" even though local and remote database table have primary key. RRS feed

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  • I got this exception "Table '[Table_Name]' does not have a primary key. Add a primary key, or specify that a ROWGUIDCOL column should be used to uniquely identify rows in the table." while synchronizing database using MSF.

    I am implementing an application in that multiple users will download remote database and performs insert/update/ delete operations on local database and then synchronize changes(upload and download).

    Here ID is not unique on server DB but it is unique and auto incremented on client DB and primary key for both table is composite key(ID,ClientId) now i want to upload all columns from client side but don't want to download server's id.....can this possible? or any other option is there to solve this problem. 

    Friday, January 3, 2014 11:44 AM