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  • this is microsoft....... made everything possible online..you can buy, sell, purchase, install, download, upload, upgrade,send, recieve everthing online... here is my question... i purchased windows oncare two years ago but now i want to cancel my subscription but guess what I CAN NOT CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION ONLINE because they dont have little click button for that but they have it for everything else..all my information in front of me  my adress, my credit card number, billing address, even my phone number but i can not delete any of it. only way to do it to call them... i did call but guess what no one is available to take my call so i have to call back later and yes i did that also i called back later but guess what still no one is available to take my call...  some one can please explain this to me? if i cant cancel in two weeks they will charge me another $50 for one year subscription without asking me if i want to renew my subcription... please respond

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