Traditional databases vs. XML vs. OLAP? RRS feed

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  • Hi guys, I'm relatively new to databases and have been playing with SQL Server 2008 Express for some time. I want to build a database on stock prices and various other stock-related indicators across time. So basically it's going to have three dimensions: name of the stock, stock attributes, and time. The user will be able to query for certain stock's performance on a particular attribute across a designated time period.

    Normally this would be a perfect job for OLAP (multidimensional database). However, due to financial constraint and other reasons rolleyes.gif , I am not considering OLAP at the moment. With my limited knowledge on databases, I think I could achieve the above by using:

    1) Relational database: if I need to track 1000 stocks, I will construct 1000 tables, with time and stock attributes on each stock table.

    2) XML: I am relatively new to XML too, but it seems that with some clever XPath/XQuery coding, dumping all the data into one huge XML database is not a bad idea (or is it?), as long as data can be effectively retrieved.

    In terms of speed/performance, maintenance convenience, and server-memory efficiency, which of the above two is a better choice? Or do I really need to migrate to using OLAP?

    Sorry if this is a simple question, I am a total newbie regarding databases.

    Thanks in advance!! smile.gif
    Sunday, November 29, 2009 1:31 AM