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  • Office Master is a wise and highly decorated veteran warrior. He is a legend in his own time. just the mention of his name will certainly follow with tales of heroism. His wisdom and skills of collaboration are highly sought after. And although Office Master has some years under his belt he seems to always maintain a youthful spirit, which is why he gains the appeal of everyone young and old.

    Lately Office Master has been teaching his skills to the select few who possess the will and dedication.
    ** He distinctly remembers a shy young gal who came to him from out of nowhere and wound up becoming one of his greatest protégés and an amazing inventor of super gadgets, but that’s another story.

    One day a young powerful warrior showed up and introduced himself. Office Master knew of this warrior from stories told. He possesses great skills and strengths of which most have never seen before. His name is Windows Vista Sensei and he is on a crusade against security threats that are wreaking havoc against the world as we know it (but he needed help). He asked Office Master to join him in his quest.

    Office Master sensed the will and determination in Windows Vista Sensei were true and then realized that although each of them are great alone, it is together where they draw their greatest strengths needed for the tasks at hand. For the past few years while training others in his art, Office Master has also been preparing himself for this great endeavor. Office Master has gained a whole new set of skills incomparable to any power and unseen by anyone in the world.

    Office Master decided to join Windows Vista Sensei in his quest to fight for the good and underprivileged. Together they make an unstoppable FOURCE.

    Thursday, March 1, 2007 7:57 AM