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  • ok i will try to get me point across or at least hope too do so as to


    in the synctoy is thar away to do more then one folder in a folder pair on differ drives now i do see in the options for this folder pair you can gointo the change options and in the box for inclusion/Exclusion you can Files to exclude: or you have

    chk boxs that you can select from and you can go into the select subfolder and exclude folders and files but why does it not have it so you can include other drives and its folders and subfolders and files to the pair

    or is thar away that i can add other drives and folders and subfolders and file to a sync folder pair please help i have tride

    looking and to no end i have not found any way to do a sync into one backup

    thank you arkieangel

    Thursday, December 11, 2008 5:52 PM


  • Hi ArkieAngel,


    Unfortunately with SyncToy you can only define a folder pair to included a source and destination directory.  Certainly if you have more than one directory that you want to synchronize you can add more then one folder pair. 


    For example -


    Folder Pair 1 - Dir 1 <-> Dir 2

    Folder Pair 2 - Dir 1 <-> Dir 3


    and run these as a group.  Sometimes if changes could come from all directories you might want to do it in 3 folder pairs.


    Folder Pair 1 - Dir 1 <-> Dir 2

    Folder Pair 2 - Dir 2 <-> Dir 3

    Folder Pair 3 - Dir 3 <-> Dir 1


    Just to make sure the changes all cycle to each of the directories.  Ultimately if we were to add support for multiple directories in a folder pair this is really what we would likely do anyway.


    Hope that helps.



    Thursday, December 11, 2008 6:08 PM