VZW HTC 8X on 8.1 DP Wi-Fi periodically loses abilty to see Wi-Fi networks, causing rapid battery drain, and requires a restart to resolve RRS feed

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  • I have a VZW HTC 8X on DP 8.1.  I've experienced this issue on every 8X I've moved over to 8.1 with the DP, and haven't noticed a difference with any of the DP updates.


    After some length of time without a restart, Wi-Fi stops seeing networks around me, even in places that I know have good connectivity (and the rest of my devices work fine) and that have worked before, such as my house, my work, my school, etc.  Wi-Fi will be "Not Available."  Toggling Wi-Fi on and off does not resolve the issue.  I notice that my battery begins to drain rapidly at this time, whether I'm using my phone or whether it's sitting on my table with the screen off.  Once this happens, my phone can burn through a full charge in three hours or less.


    I did not experience this problem in 8.0, and I have replaced my handset many times, and each phone starts exhibiting this bug as soon as I upgrade it to 8.1 through DP.  All of the handsets have been VZW HTC 8Xs. 

    My current handset (which has the problem) has the following:

    OS Version: 8.10.14203.306

    Firmware revision: 3030.0.42201.605

    Hardware revision: 0002

    Radio software version:

    Radio hardware version: 2.126.3.D4

    Bootloader version: 0.0.3030.0(180482)

    Chip SOC version: 8960

    One thing I cannot remember the answer to is whether or not this happened on my 8.1 handsets before VZW released the firmware update for 8.0 that enabled the connectivity activity arrows.  I had a 8.1 DP phone for a while before they released that firmware and couldn't get it as it was an 8.0 only update, and the when I replaced the device I got that update on my way to upgrading to 8.1.  I did notice that on my 8.1 DP handsets that had received the 8.0 only update before upgrading to 8.1 DP my Wi-Fi signal was displaying much weaker than it was on my 8.1 DP device that had not gotten that 8.0 only firmware update before upgrading to 8.1 DP.


    I cannot reliably reproduce this.  It does not seem to be triggered by a particular network or location, as I have seen it happen in all sorts of places.  It seems to happen more often when the phone has been on without restarting for several days, but I have also seen it happen within an hour of turning the phone on.  The charge state or whether the phone is being charged at the time does not have any obvious bearing on the problem, as I have seen it happen when the phone is plugged in, on a wireless pad, and when it's not being charged.  Sometimes I will notice this issue several times in a week, and sometimes I may go several weeks without noticing it.

    Work Around:

    I can only get the problem to go away by restarting the phone.  Toggling Wi-Fi off and on again does not resolve the problem.

    Question for the community:

    Is this a known issue? 

    Tuesday, December 9, 2014 9:25 PM