new guy(computer dummy) here. Need advise on retrieving backed up data after hard drive died. RRS feed

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  • Good morning.......My Dell 630 laptops hard drice died a week ago. The local computer folks can't retrieve any data so I'm in the process of replacing the hard drive. That is another story, the Dell folks can't seem to get their stuff together. To date they have sent me 2 cpu's(isn't that what the hard drive is called?) neither od which fits into the laptop. So on monday I'll be sending the 630 back to Dell so they can figute out which cpu needs to be installed. I find that strande. Anyhow I'm degressing here, let me get to my question.
    I have livecare update and as far as I can see something was backed up to my external hardrive. On my external hard drive I see a folder Windows Onecare backup. Under that I see a files named  Part 1.zip through Part 292.zip, the later 213 through 292 were modified 9/11/2009. I'm hoping the files modified 9/11/209 will hold my data. 
    Now the question is ............How do I restore that data from my external hard drive(F:) to one of my other 3 computers?

    Sunday, October 11, 2009 1:07 PM

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