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  • To simplify as much as possible:

    I have3 machines newly RE-installed ALL with Windows 10 PRO


    A) version 1903 and 2 shares, the C- and D-Hdrive

    B) version 1909 and 1 share, the C-HDrive

    C) version 1903 and 1 share, the C-HDrive

    I'm logged on to all of them with my MS-account.

    ALL machines can acces the SHARES on ALL the other machines - it is all combinations works well !

    BUT when it comes to access via Remote Desktop, Oh, my ...

    Machines B and C can NOT access A, but A can access BOTH B and C by Remote Desktop !

    I've had this problem EVERY TIME I had to upgrade to a new version of Windows - lastly from 1803 to this crap 1903 and 1909. On one of them I even updated to 2004 and it was even WORSE so I downgraded again.

    When I say "newly" installed I mean resetting Windows with clearing the whole disk - I beleave it's including formating too !

    I have checked ALL the 'normal on user or super user level' procedures concerning Remote Desktop - nothing seems to work here !

    ... and remember it worked NICELY FOR YEARS with 1803 !!!!!

    This problem is driving me CRAZY !

    What is wrong here !

    Sunday, October 4, 2020 7:01 AM