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    I am having a weird problem that only I could probably have ran into...lol.  I have Windows Steady State installed on one computer and was disappointed that the user settings only applied to local user and not domain users.  Anyways, I had copied the SCTSettings.adm from C:\Program Files\Windows SteadyState\ADM to another computer to test out the template and added the template to the Local Computer Policy\User Configuration\Administrative Templates on the other computer that I am testing that doesn't have the Windows Steady State installed.  I had enabled almost all settings that didn't require Windows Steady State to be installed to really lock it down to test.  I found it too restrictive and was unable to undue the changes logged in as the local Administrator. 


    I had to create a custom MMC snapin to connect to the local policy of the restrictive computer from another computer to undue the changes.  After logging in and logging out a couple times and enabling only 1 or 2 policy settings within the All Windows SteadyState Restrictions and rebooting the computer now the computer logs me out upon logging in.  Wether I login as the local administrator or a domain user with admin rights or any domain user, the computer will login and within a few seconds it automatically logs me out.  I thought maybe something got corrupt and re-imaged the computer and added the template again and this time only enable a few settings and rebooted the computer again, logged in and out a few times, and it did it again.  



    I am wondering if this is because I am not using this template as a GPO through AD and just basically importing this template to the local group policy on an XP  box?  I have not gone through all of the group policy settings but it appears that the Windows Steady State is just a GUI interface of what you can already set in local group policy with the added WDP. 



    Tuesday, July 31, 2007 4:31 PM