Win10 Wordpad.exe shows memory leak involving enhanced metafiles when saving .rtf file. RRS feed

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    I have an .rtf file containing enhanced metafiles that shows a memory leak in Wordpad.exe when saving under Win10 but not Win7.  In fact resaving with Win7 fixes the leak under Win10, presumably because the 'emfblip' sections are removed. The file can be found at


    To see the leak, open the file in Wordpad, bring up task manager, start resaving the file, watch the memory usage increase with each save.

    Can someone please investigate?

    Also, I observe a similar leak involving enhanced metafiles when directly programming the Win10 richedit control with this line:

    SendMessage(rehWnd, EM_STREAMOUT, (WPARAM)SF_RTF, (LPARAM)&es);

    Under Win10, the memory allocation increases before the first callback is activated with the streamed-out bytes.  Since Wordpad.exe at one time used the richedit control for .rtf text display, I suspect the problems are related.


    Tuesday, October 22, 2019 11:23 PM


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