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  • I know this question will not be answered here, but I just want to give you all the details in hopes that you can direct me to the best place to find the answer. It's a very significant problem.

    I have a Desktop and a Laptop. Both computers are running (separate and legal versions of) Windows XP Pro SP2. And both have the EXACT same problem with Microsoft's "System Restore" utility. The program is periodically setting its own Restore Points, as it should. Likewise, it does seem to log any Restore Point I set manually. However, EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to Revert to a previous Restore Point, whether it's one I set or one the system automatically set, it NEVER works. It goes through the entire process as if it's working, including shutting down and rebooting, and then eventually displays the System Restore screen, with the message: "Unable to Restore Your Computer to [date of requested Restore Point... i.e., Sunday, December 14, 2008]), and below that is says, "No changes were made to your computer."

    Again, this EXACT same process is happening on two completely different computers, that have NEVER had any interaction with each other, and are running the EXACT same (legal and separate) version of Windows XP Pro SP2. I have been scouring through all of Microsoft's Help, Support, and Tech files regarding this issue and I can not seem to find an answer that resolves this issue. I can't even follow the instructions to Boot into "Safe Mode" because after I hit the F8 key repeatedly, the only thing that shows up on the screen is 3 options, which all seem to be options for Booting.

    I am forced to select from (in order): 1) Boot from my Floppy Drive. 2) Boot from my Hard Drive. 3) Boot from my CD/DVD Drive. If I select to Boot from my Hard Drive, then everything Boots up as normal and I have accomplished nothing... no "Safe Mode," no "Restore Point."

    When I'm on the F8 screen, I do not see "Safe Mode" options, or "Windows Advanced Options," all I see are the three options I mentioned. Oh, and both of my computers have sufficient disk space for System Restore to function properly. Also, the Event Logs for System Restore errors reveals nothing. And as I mentioned, I can not Boot in "Safe Mode" because my computers do not even give me that option. And another thing, my Desktop and Laptop systems are NOT synchronized whatsoever. In other words, they both have different files and applications on them, and have never "spoken" to each other.

    As they always say with computers, it's not a matter of if, but when, something disastrous will happen, and I've already let this issue drag on way too long. IF SOMEONE COULD PLEASE HELP ME, I WOULD APPRECIATE IT MORE THAN MERE WORDS COULD EXPRESS!!!

    - Rob SpielDude
    Saturday, January 17, 2009 1:53 AM


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